Walton Bike Price in Bangladesh


Walton Bike Price, Features and Specifications in Bangladesh

Walton is a Bangladeshi brand. Walton was established in 1977. Walton motorcycle is a sub-brand of the Walton group. They produce a bike according to user ability. At this moment they are exporting products in 19 countries. Walton bike price in Bangladesh starts from Low to high price. Taro bike price in Bangladesh starts from 20000 to 150000. Walton has many models. Those are Walton Cruize 100, Walton Fusion 110cc, Walton Fusion 110EX, Walton Fusion 125, Walton Fusion 125 EX, Walton Fusion 125NX, Walton Leo New, Walton Leo Plus, Walton Prizm-110cc. Walton bike store in Bangladesh is in Dhaka, Rangpur, Sylhet, Khulna, Jessore, Bogra, Comilla, Barisal, etc. Walton has also a service center in Bangladesh. Because of their reasonable price Walton bike is very popular in the local market. Day by day Walton is getting worldwide market.

Walton Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Walton Cruize 10097 cc85,000 BDT
Walton Fusion 110cc107 cc81,000 BDT
Walton Fusion 110EX107 cc1,00,000 BDT
Walton Fusion 125124.8 cc92,500 BDT
Walton Fusion 125 EX124.8 cc97,000 BDT
Walton Fusion 125NX123 cc1,05,000 BDT
Walton Leo86 cc66,000 BDT
Walton Leo New80.00 cc69,500 BDT
Walton Leo Plus80.00 cc80,000 BDT
Walton Prizm-110cc107 cc1,10,600 BDT
Walton Ranger100.00 cc1,05,000 BDT