Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh


Runner Bike Price, Features and Specifications in Bangladesh

The runner is an importer and trader of the motorcycle. Runner started their journey in 2000. Since then they are very popular in Bangladesh. Runner produces 12 different motorcycles from 80cc to 150cc and these have different models and facilities. They are getting famous among general people. Runner principle product is 2 wheeler. The runner bike spare part is locally made. Runner bike the highest quantity of motorcycles in the Bangladesh market as a manufacturer. Runner bike price in Bangladesh starts from low price to high price. It starts from 40000 taka to 260000 taka. It has many models. Some of them are very popular. Those are Runner AD80s, Runner bike RT, Runner Bullet, Runner cheeta, Runner Deluxe, Runner Turbo, Runner Turbo Matte, UM Runner Xtreet. Um Runner Renegade has the highest price in the Bangladesh market. Because of the low price Runner bike becoming very famous in the local market. To know more about Runner Bike store location, click here.

Runner Bike Price List in Bangladesh

UM Runner Renegade Sport149 cc2,50,000 BDT
UM Runner Renegade149 cc2,40,000 BDT
Runner Turbo 125124.84 cc1,18,000 BDT
Runner Royal+ 110109.1 cc91,000 BDT
Runner Knight Rider150 cc1,44,000 BDT
Runner Kite+110 cc83,000 BDT
Runner F100-6A95.74 cc80,000 BDT
Runner Duranto83 cc59,000 BDT
Runner Deluxe85 cc69,000 BDT
Runner Cheeta97.67 cc79,000 BDT