Roadmaster Bike Price in Bangladesh


Roadmaster Bike Price, Features and Specifications in Bangladesh

Roadmaster is one of the top-rated bike company in Bangladesh. Roadmaster brand started a journey with some sport and standard bikes. This bike is made considering the purchasing ability of Bangladesh people. Roadmaster has a cheap and exclusive bike. Roadmaster price in Bangladesh starts from 55000 taka to 160000 taka . Roadmaster bike has cheap standard bikes like Roadmaster Prime, on the other side well quality Sportbike like Roadmaster Rapido and so on. Roadmaster Rapid has the highest price.

Roadmaster bike stores in Bangladesh available in many places. They are in Banani, Gazipur, Faridganj, Bogra, Pabna, Rangpur, Kushtia, Meherpur, etc. Roadmaster bike received well reputation in a few years. Especially in a rural area, it has great value. Compare to other company this brand has a low price. One of the famous reason for the popularity is the Roadmaster bike can be bought in installment, Which is a great site for people who have limited income. Day by day Roadmaster getting the highest market in Bangladesh.

Roadmaster Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Roadmaster Rapido 165165 cc1,75,000 BDT
Roadmaster Prime 10098.21 cc77,900 BDT
Roadmaster Delight100.00 cc86,900 BDT
Roadmaster Prime84.41 cc63,900 BDT
Roadmaster Rapido150 cc1,56,900 BDT
Roadmaster Rex84 cc70,900 BDT
Roadmaster Velocity99.71 cc1,04,900 BDT
Roadmaster Rapido CBS v2150.00 cc1,53,000 BDT
Roadmaster Cupid107 ccComing Soon
Roadmaster Predator149 cc
1,30,000 BDT