Kiden Bike Price in Bangladesh


Kiden Bike Price, Features and Specifications in Bangladesh

Kiden is one of the brands of Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd, which was found in 2003. Kiden used new technology in the manufacture of carrying small-displacement engines that makes vehicles lightweight. Kiden has a fully automated robot manufacturing factory. Kiden produces up to date bikes with its style, features, and design. They are focusing on the combination of performance and stylish look. They offer a comfortable and stable ride to the customers. Kiden offers you an elegant bike at a reasonable price. Their main mission is to gain customer satisfaction by providing an advanced tech bike at affordable prices.

The price of Kiden bike in Bangladesh is very reasonable. These bikes are stylish, made with high-quality materials, and race proven. Kiden Bike store location in Bangladesh is very limited. On this page, you can check the latest prices and specifications to buy a suitable compatible Kiden Bike.

Kiden Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Kiden KD125-J125 cc1,79,000 BDT
Kiden KD150-E150 cc1,79,000 BDT
Kiden KD150-F150 cc1,79,000 BDT
Kiden KD150-G150 cc1,79,000 BDT
Kiden KD150-H150.00 cc1,79,000 BDT
Kiden KD150-K150 cc1,79,000 BDT