H power Bike Price in Bangladesh


H Power Bike Price, Features and Specifications in Bangladesh

H Power is one of the famous brands in Bangladesh, which assembles in our country but the parts are manufactured in china. Hp Power means Hero Power. This company gives people a motorbike at a very cheap price. They have several types of bikes. They also have a scooter in their shield. They have a racing bike, a standard bike, etc. Their price range is very suitable for all ranges of people. They have 65000 taka bike to 220000 taka bike. For all kinds of people can afford their bike. For this reason, they are one of the famous brands of rural people in Bangladesh. They have so many showrooms in the whole country. H power bike store location in Bangladesh- Dhaka, chattagram, Comilla, Barisal, Mohakhali, lakshmipur, etc. almost every district people can purchase this bike by their showroom or authorized dealer point.

H power Bike Price List in Bangladesh

H Power Star 8080 cc62,000 BDT
H Power GP 165165 cc1,85,000 BDT
H Power CRZ 165165 cc1,85,000 BDT
H Power CRF 150150 cc1,85,000 BDT
CFMoto 150 NK149.40 cc2,20,000 BDT
Zaara DD8080.00 cc68,000 BDT
Zaara 110 Digital106.67 cc98,500 BDT
Zaara 110 Disc100 cc98,500 BDT
H Power Zaara 10098.4 cc95,500 BDT
Loncin GP 150 Robot Z150.00 cc1,60,000 BDT
H Power V Six123 cc1,15,500 BDT
H Power Star80 cc62,000 BDT
H Power RS-Z150.00 cc1,60,000 BDT
H Power Recover98.9 cc1,15,000 BDT
H Power Max-Z149.7 cc
1,23,000 BDT
H Power Max149.7 cc98,000 BDT
H Power Dark149.7 cc1,65,000 BDT
H Power 150 Robot149.7cc1,35,000 BDT
H Power RoxR 150cc150 cc1,45,000 BDT
CFMoto 250NK249.2 cc
Not Available In Bangladesh