Exploit Bike Price in Bangladesh


Exploit Bike Price, Features and Specifications in Bangladesh

Exploit is a Chinese brand. Exploit produce E-bikes that runs on electricity. When the young generation becomes more concerned about comfort and fashionable, then Exploit comes to provide both facilities. In this era, the environment is so polluted by the gas from vehicles so that Exploit comes with E-bikes. They have used advanced technology to make the bike eco-friendly. These bikes also save money and need low maintenance to run. These bikes are preferable and fashionable for every generation. Exploit is the first brand that brings E-bike with beautiful design and comfort. So the demand is increasing day by day.

The price of Exploit bike in Bangladesh is very reasonable. These bikes are stylish, made with high-quality materials, and race proven. Exploit Bike store location in Bangladesh is very limited. On this page, you can check the latest prices and specifications to buy a suitable compatible Exploit Bike.

Exploit Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Exploit 304 Electric Bikeelectric52,500 BDT
Exploit E-Bike 7electric60,000 BDT
Exploit E-Bike Eagleelectric1,60,000 BDT
Exploit E-Bike M3electric1,05,000 BDT
Exploit E-Bike R1electric88,500 BDT
Exploit E-Bike R15electric1,09,500 BDT
Exploit WD E-Bikeelectric70,000 BDT