Beetle-Bolt Bike Price in Bangladesh


Beetle-Bolt Bike Price, Features and Specifications in Bangladesh

Beetle Bolt is USA based bike company. They just only produce a bike for the USA. But is some case you can find them in our country, To know more about Beetle Bolt store locationn, click here.

Beetle-Bolt Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Beetle Bolt Endura80 cc1,05,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Alligator149.5 cc2,05,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Alligator v2149.5 cc2,55,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Alpha 507124.6 cc1,17,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Corbet149.5 cc1,95,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt iV750.00 cc95,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Mustang149.6 cc1,14,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Stinger149.5 cc1,95,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Viper FX125124.6 cc1,39,000 BDT
Beetle Bolt Viper GTS124.6 cc1,29,000 BDT