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Latest Bikes in Bangladeshi Market

Suzuki GSX 125

Suzuki GSX 125 Price and Specifications in Bangladesh  Price 1,34,950 BDT Engine Capacity...

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Yamaha WR 155R

Yamaha WR 155R Price and Specifications in Bangladesh  Price Coming Soon Engine Capacity...

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Bullet 100 V2

Bullet 100 V2 Price and Specifications in Bangladesh  Price 99,000 BDT Engine Capacity...

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Lifan K19

Lifan K19 Price and Specifications in Bangladesh  Price Not Available In Bangladesh Engine...

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Cafe Racer

A cafe racer motorcycle is a modified vehicle based on an existing model or one that has been specially built from scratch to mirror the style and feel. This is one of the lightest weight, tuned, engine and minimalist bodywork. It was invented in 1960 in London.


The Cruiser bike is in the style of American machines from the 1930s. To early 1960, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, Henderson made these types of bikes. These types of engines emphasize easy rideability and shifting with plenty of low-end torque with a large amount of horsepower. This is one of the powerful bikes.


Dirt bike is one of the speedy bikes. This is suitable for the dense area. You can drive it in the desert, Iceland, slippery area, riming area, etc. This bike enriches with high horsepower. It was invented in 1975. Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, etc produce this bike.


The electric bike is taking its energy from the battery or electricity instead of petrol. Many kinds of electric bikes are available worldwide. The electric bike uses a rechargeable battery. Its maximum speed is 61kmh/hour. It was first invented in China. It is good for short distance path and also a light weighted bike.


The moped bike is a type of small motorcycle, with the bicycle paddle. It has a motorcycle engine and a paddle for acceleration. This is used for short distance and delivery works. It can be used by one person. It is also a light-weighted motorbike. So this is very useful for a user.


Scooter is one type of motorcycle which is very popular for personal transportation because it’s affordable. It was first invented in 1914 and developed continued in Europe and the United State during world war. Scooter design is different from all other bikes. It is very easy to bike and its fuel tank is under the seat.


Sports bike is a motorcycle that is used for high speed, high acceleration, instant braking, cornering on paved roads. Sports bike suspension systems advance in terms of adjustment and material for increased stability. In this bike front and rear wheels are larger and wider than other types of bikes wheel.


A Standard bike is a combination of sitting position with the handlebar at a comfortable distance for a rider. The standard bike is also called a naked bike. This bike is small in size than a sports bike. It was invented in 1950. It also reduces fuel usage which makes it more popular.